Heroes of 2015, an End-Of-Year Review

Omkarmusic NewsMy first hero or better heroine
is chancellor Angela Merkel.

She demonstrates in an excellent way one does not need
any kind of intelligence to become a successful politician.

Let`s say just clever enough, shifty enough to do a blowjob
to the public at the right time.

A little instinct on how to steal and adopt core themes of political opponents
and to sell them hypocritically to anytime become ennobled in the public.

A little knowledge on how to eleminate autonomous party members
and to replace them with spineless sycophants to pretend homogeneity of the party.

A little active cerebellum of a reptile to get things going the way they should,
no need for a distinct vision or genuine substance,
just mere Darwinism of party programs.

In many ways she has shown what ego is and how it works.
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A Greek`s Stay

Omkarmusic NewsLast night a Greek came into my dreams,
with a taunting facial expression he said:
“JiĆ” su, can you tell me whats up with your German government ?
Why do they suffuse us with such a hazardous frugal policy ?”

“You see”, I replied,
“there is no difference between the way the German government treat Greece
and the way they treat the German population.”

“What ?” he asked smitten with surprise.

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