A Greek`s Stay

Omkarmusic NewsLast night a Greek came into my dreams,
with a taunting facial expression he said:
“JiĆ” su, can you tell me whats up with your German government ?
Why do they suffuse us with such a hazardous frugal policy ?”

“You see”, I replied,
“there is no difference between the way the German government treat Greece
and the way they treat the German population.”

“What ?” he asked smitten with surprise.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

jesusLast night Jesus came into my dreams
and I said: “Happy Birthday!”.

He said: “I`m afraid to tell you, according to your calendar,
I was born in summer around June, July.”

I said: “Uh?”

He said: “Yes, the birthday on December 24th is an invention of the church.”

“On December the so called heathens celebrated a very popular
and deep rooted religious festivity.
On all their religious celebrations the core element was a tree
which represented their worship of life itself.

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