You are in the wrong movie Mr Clooney

Omkarmusic News
Last night George Clooney came into my dreams.

I said: “Oh, hello,,surprised to see you,
I am dreaming Liar Liar with Jim Carrey
and you are in the wrong movie I`m afraid Mr Clooney”

“Oh”, he replied with a husky voice,
fumbling around with his black tie,
“why I am here then ?”

“Now,” I interposed, “what a fortunate coincidence, there is a commercial break,
maybe you are here to thrill me with some advertising ?”

“Alright, let`s try that” and with a voiceful twist he gave a ” … What Else … ”

“Uhm, nah” I replied, “doesn`t work.”

“Oh and you know what,” he added with a gung-ho
“I had a talk with German Chancellor Angela Merkel
about refugees fleeing the Syrian conflict
and her politics of open doors, hows about that ?”

“Damnit” I thought “this can become a dodgy thing,
every time I dream Liar Liar I am forced to tell the truth”

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A Greek`s Stay

Omkarmusic NewsLast night a Greek came into my dreams,
with a taunting facial expression he said:
“JiĆ” su, can you tell me whats up with your German government ?
Why do they suffuse us with such a hazardous frugal policy ?”

“You see”, I replied,
“there is no difference between the way the German government treat Greece
and the way they treat the German population.”

“What ?” he asked smitten with surprise.

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