A Bunch of Photos Caused #Brexit ?

Omkarmusic News
Last night a man came into my dreams and said:
“I am working for the EU and Damnit!, I am an idiot.”

I said: “Hello EU idiot, anything I can do for you?”

He said:
“Oh god, I fear to say just a few photos caused Brexit.”

“Just a phew photos ?” I asked doubtfully,
“how could that be?”

“Ok” he replied, “here`s what:

Several people working for the EU at higher level
have been asked to do some photo sessions
to launch a pro-EU campaign.

What we did not know was the fact the camera was primed
to not show how we look from the outside but from the inside.

We where so shocked to see our deformed shootings
and detained a three month crisis meeting.

Finally we came to the conclusion
the appropriate locations for our ugly shootings
are all kind of cigarette boxes and tobacco packs
and we forced the tobacco industry to publish them.

“Why not simply delete those shootings then ?”
I asked interested.

“You know, the campaign caused costs of million of Euros
funded by tax payers and we did not know how to justify it.”

“But you know, this tobacco placements already happened
on a non working anti smoke campaign back on the 1970`s ?”

“Yes, yes, but where else to place the darn photos ?”

“But you know,
parents go shopping to stores and discounters
with assortment of tobacco and cigarettes along with their kids
and the entire family is shocked by your pictures.
I saw especially kids in a state of shock and crying.”

“Yes, yes, but where else to place the darn photos ?”

“But then you must place photos on wrappers
showing carcasses after slaughtering
with all kinds of carbuncles, cancers and festering sores
processed into meat and sausages ?”

“Ok, ok, one thing after another”
he replied hectically.

“Hm, hm, I see the problem, you first” I said
“and now you fear your deformedness
came into the open caused Brexit ?”

“Yes, yes” he replied close to tears
“what a misfortune, I feel so ashamed.”

I said:
“well, according to Christian doctrine
you`ll be forgiven when you ask for forgiveness.

I would go down to the knees
and ask Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy and many other countries
plus a good amount of millions of people
to forgive you your sins of seismic proportions you`ve done to them.

It will cost you a few years and tears,
but who knows, maybe the Christian doctrine is right ?
It`s a chance after all, what do you think ?”

“Anything, anything, I`ll do anything to smooth things over”, he said.

“Now, do you worry about your ugly photos or about your sins ?”

Suddenly and unforeseen I realized he was gone.