Omkarmusic is a combination of my name, Omkar,
given by my spiritual master Osho
and the part of my life I like to share with the public, my music.

Since I accepted Omkar to be my name, I use it everywhere and all the time.

So with the artist name.
The name is not invented by me in order to create an artist profile,
a public image to impart a message, to accentuate how religious I am.
Omkar is just my name.

Some music published can be downloaded for free on portals like Soundcloud,
some albums and tracks are required to be purchased.
Thus can be done at the Omkarmusic Shop or on prefered internet shops like Amamazon, Napster etc.
You will find everything music related on the music projects site.
Most frequently asked questions (FAQs) via mail are replied on the Omkarmusic FAQs and Vipassana FAQs.
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About Omkar

omkarmusic meditationMy current lifestyle I should call an M&M package,
a candy mix of music and meditation.

After going through several meditation techniques,
I have chosen Vipassana meditation as my everyday entry
into the oasis of distance to personality.

Vipassana was practiced and initiated by Buddha and I found my way to it with Osho.

If you become curious to try it for yourself
or want to practice for a while in a different way,
you will find support with “Music for Vipassana Meditation”,
released by me for this purpose.

You might be surprised telling you when performing music I refer the most to silence.

To me this is where the startup, the beginning of music is.
Sitting silently, silence becomes louder and louder, more present, more touchable
and has a certain kind of sweetness.

Before I hear harmonies of a potential track to be performed I am not listening to any music at all.

Just cleaning something, walking somewhere, having a cup of tea
and melodies arising out of the blue which are simply needed then to be written down on a paper.

On a highscool for children I became educated in music theorie and learned the relation of notes
and western harmonies.

It was hard for me to follow without holding an instrument in hands and except some basics,
all and everything is wiped out of my mind.

Later I learned some basics on piano,guitar and drums and from then on I was learning by doing
and became an autodidact on playing and recording.
Until it became crystalized which music direction will be my favorite, I jammed a lot with bands
and was getting familiar with rock,jazz,funk,blues,soul and instrumental music.

By the time and moreover with solo projects the work settled on the corner of world music,athmo,chillout
combined with the influences I used to play live before.
Luckily with the invention of personal computers I was supported from the very beginning
to go into solo projects and to stay there.

The Worklfow

I`m composing and performing multi-instrumental.
Over the time I accomplished some equipment for a small studio in Hamburg, Germany.

I used to play in live bands on different instruments,
basically drums, percussion, guitar and flute and I wrote the songs.

Today I prefer to work on solo projects
and the digital age enables me to apply instruments from computer.

All publications are produced independent, some are downloadable for free ,
some are needed to be purchased just for the butter on the bread.

The free material is licensed under the terms of creative commons.

Most important to understand is, the free downloadable material is experimantal
due to certain recording techniques without having mastered studio quality on mind.

It should give an impression on what kind of music or genre to expect
when it comes from omkarmusic.com and does not represent
the sound quality of commercial releases.