Advanced Retirement List for Katrin Göring-Eckardt

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Last night the leader of Green Party Katrin Göring-Eckardt
came into my dreams.

I said: “Katrin, what`s up”.

She said: “Enough is enough,
I want to clean up the mess.”

I said: “Hm, hm, pretty tough plan,
lousy crowds don`t want to retire that quickly
that`s what makes them so lousy actually.
But you`re lucky, while brushing the teeth I just made a list, let`s see …

The list reads:
… German Politicians To Be Retired Immediately …

- Fearminister Thomas de Maizière
Retirement claimed on June 23, 2016
by leader of Green Party Katrin Göring-Eckardt.

According to unverified reports Thomas de Maizière
shares German lawyer of Recep Tayyip Erdogan
and is about to moot campaign of paragraph 103 “lese majesty”,
against reporters who had the nerve
to uncover his partitial fraudulent falsification of refugee statistics.

Does it going to work ?
No and this is the bottom line of his politics.

- Warminister Ursula von der Leyen
Retirement not claimed yet.

According to unverified reports
it is advised to do finger count checks with Ursula von der Leyen
on a startup of public discussions to verify her mental functions
as she is twisting every word of participants
to gain lunatic results nobody was talking about.

Someone who is also twisting the meaning of “state of defense”
in a very dangerous way and throws Germany into a war
have to be fired instantly to avert further damage of German people.

- Antisocialminister Andrea Nahles
Retirement not claimed yet.

In all seriousness
she wants to take away money from single mothers in need
each day the child or children are with the father
as if these mothers have less fixed monthly costs in such a case.

Not only the adjudged money for single mothers in need
was and is always not enough,
she wants to take away money from money that was and is always not enough.

Such a disconcerted, antisocial and inhuman individual
is literally begging to be kicked out.
It is almost a cry for help to be removed
from political and social responsibility.

It is known she loves to sing at the German parliament,
according to unverified reports
by this time she is asked to take enough pills
to not simultaneously pull her underpants over the head.”

“To be honest,” I paused for a moment,
“the list is quite long …
there is a Propagandaminister for instance
who`s competence is no more than to be a parrot of his boss
and is able to at least count to two
… should I continue ?”

“Wow, pretty inspiring, no thanks,
I think I know where to go now.”

“Katrin, Katrin, Katrin, I don`t know …”
I replied incredulously,
“you are aware Germany needs to refurbish
the former understanding of national identity
which is of EVERYONE is to be understood as the center of the society ?
This is the lesson the wise founding fathers of the German Federal Republic
learned from the second world war.

Completely destroyed in a surprising short amount of time
by the Merkel government, supported by coalition partners,
initiated by the former Gerhard Schröder government.

Do you see the point Germany needs to discontinue
this hideous directives of creating elites
by making politics from elites for elites ?

Poor foetus who is bound to learn Chinese and economics
by hysterical parents and enters kindergarten as a nervous wreck.

This is the core disease of Germany and the entire EU
and if a democratic party don`t dig it right now and take it over,
radical right-wing parties will do.

Merkel and her number cruncher
who does not see more than producing fat elite cows broadcasting taxes
is not what live is all about, Brexit shows it.

Have you noticed how Brexit supporters have been bombarded
with all kinds of apocalyptic financial horror scenarios ?

And this is the “beauty” to be a part of the current EU ?
To put members who wants to leave into stress and fear ?

Pretty disgusting family to my taste
which should rather reflect their own mesh of madness
and dependencies toward financial markets
they placed themselves into.

one must be pretty blessed with a good amount
of blindness and stupidity
to be capable of dividing people and even nations
with the predefined assignment to unite them.

Brexit is not about leaving the spirit of an united Europe,
it is not about a discussion of EU scepticism,
it is about leaving a disgusting family
claiming to represent Europe.

If this continues to be misunderstood
upcoming exits will be misunderstood as well
leading into false interpretations and results
and most likely into even more repressive reactions.

Are you able to locate and address
the disgusting family members in Germany ?

“We will see, we will see, we do what we can do” she said.

“Ah” I thought “look at that,
I forgot she is a politician too at the end
not catching when a house is already burning.”

Waking up, for a moment,
I was questioning befuddled if I`m now with a party.

“Nah chap”, I laughed “this list is the outcome of two minutes boredom
and was ready to be passed to anyone who cares.
Does Katrin cares ?”