I feel pain on the back while sitting

When at home, a wall can support straight sitting very well.
But basically if not caused by a physical injury it is most likely caused by the mind.

For example:

we all know very well the reaction
when someone rant and shout at us.

The shoulders tend to go up, the neck tends to get stiff
and the upper part of the body starts to duck.
It is an automated reaction of self defense.
Lets assume we bring this automated reaction in particular into a silent sitting meditation,
it creates a conflict.

While sitting,
the mind tries to bring the body into this accustomed, automated position,
forces the shoulders up, tries to come back into that stiff neck
and brings the upper part of the body into the position of ducking.

This automated activity of the mind is in contradiction
to a relaxing and loose atmosphere of meditation.
What I like to say is, although you feel it in the body,
it is most likely not caused by the body but of the mind.

Remain relaxed, give your ok, welcome it and continue.

Is Vipassana a teaching ?

To me, no, definitely not

My setup for Buddhas meditation technique
is not a teaching or an advice.

Music for Vipassana Meditation
simply supports practicing Vipassana,
a silent sitting meditation
without having any kind of teaching on mind.

So everyone can do it …
educated, uneducated, experienced, unexperienced,
poor, rich, good, bad, whatever.

As far as I can see, teachings categorize you
and depending on the teaching
either you feel good or bad.

Music for Vipassana Meditation
is plain and simple silent sitting,

Ask yourself, have you ever heared
a teaching was born just out of the fact you are sitting ?

You must wrap a system of rules around it
to become a teaching.

So please, enjoy and trust the experiences you are doing yourself.