Free song “Snap-Happy” released

free download at Soundcloud

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

It was one of these very very rare days in the northern part of Germany
the sun was visiting Hamburg from dusk till dawn on a summer day.

This precious gift was inviting to enjoy the day to the full
and I had the feeling the best to do so
is to grab the cam and to make pictures attracting me at the citypark
which is just a few minutes away from my accommodation.

Equipped with a water bottle and the cam, I walked around the park
and luckily I never had to cast about the right motives or objects,
everything was right there, all there was to do was to watch and click.

A little bit about the song:

All I had at the beginning was the click sound of a cam,
kindly provided by a site with free sound samples.

Unfortunate I am not able to give the site and author the deserved credit
as I forgot to drop a note from where it was.
I`ll try to find out again for a subsequent post.

Strange to say
but this click sound gave me the rythm and later the harmonies.
So I can claim, at the beginning was a click …

A premier attented this song:

It is the first song with a mix under the proposal
of emulating the voltage of an analog SSL console,
widely discussed at Gearslutz.

I must say this changed my view to mixes completely in a beneficial way
and to me, this technique basically preserves dynamics and allows tracks to breathe.

More news on further releases coming soon, so stay tuned …