Free song “Voices of Love” released

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The song is the result of a public request for voice contributions.

This work was a real challenge, since there was no musical concept or composition,
just the idea of publishing a free song with voices expressing love.

So I asked around for voice contributions at various social networks and on this site.

By and by replies came in and the first one was Massimo from Italy:

massimo-cap200Massimo, band Music is Love, contact

followed by Henrik from Danmark:

henrik200Henrik Hytteballe, band Haiku, contact

It was a nice startup and I liked the recordings.

At some point I thought, well, where are the females ?

And as if i have done a prayer, Britta from Belgium joined:

britta200Britta Hoeyberghs, solo artist, contact

and Jessica from USA followed:

jessica200Jessica Waters, solo artist, contact

A well blanced contribution of voices so far, but there was more to come.

Susmita from Bangladesh came across the path:

susmita200Susmita Biswas Sathi, poet and lyricist, contact

And at the point where I wanted to start the project, Ariel from Australia came into play:

ariel200Ariel Kalma, solo artist, contact

I would like to say a big thank you to all submittans !

To me, this is the magic of music:
creativity, togetherness, cooperation, merging, combining, sharing.
In short … love.

With this project I wanted to see if it`s doable,
having nothing at the beginning and a synergy of love, creativity, togetherness at the end.

And I wanted to see if a message can be understood by the heart,
although the spoken words are not my mothertongue and cannot be grabbed by the intellect.