Ivanka Trump: Angela Merkel, employee of the year! #W20

Omkarmusic News
On the G20 women’s summit #G20
an unconfirmed report claims Ivanka Trump to have said:
“My dad and I are excited to announce
the nomination of Chancellor Angela Merkel
to become the employee of the year of the Trump empire.

In habitual retrieval of power,
her suppport to establish and normalize oligarchic structures in the US is outstanding
and we are proud to contribute a medal of honor for her distinguished service.

For centuries woman have been conditioned to sit somewhere abashed
gone no further than emit some groans,
it was a pleasure to see this tradition continued.
It was a great relief to not be confronted with a single woman of courage.

We take our employee of the year as an inspiration on how to get harassing fire
like the #WomanMarch movement under control
and we welcome to see employer of this movement blacked out on the G20 women’s summit.”