Related to Music Projects

CD Baby

Very impressive online store and my main distributor located in USA.
CDbaby distributes artist releases to all major shops and download platforms
like Amazon, iTunes, Napster etc.
So you`ll find my projects present there as well.

Independent artists from all kinds of genres present.
Good navigation and preview of songs.
Support of independent artists in various ways.
Owner is involved with heart and mind, very dedicated to his job.


At Soundcloud are all current free music releases present
and downloadable. It can be used to download single music titles of interest.


Chinmaya Dunster

Musician and brother sannyasin.
He lives currently in India and performs music basically related to this huge continent.
Also done India related free videos.


Nando`s service of daily mails as a reminder to integrate meditation into everyday`s life.

Osho Humaniversity

The Humaniversity is an international center for therapy.
Although the Humaniversity is an independent organization,
there has always been a strong spiritual connection to the enlightened Indian Mystic Osho.

Osho Otoons

Sannyas and humor goes together here.
Also huge list to variuos Sannyas related sites.

Osho Photos

Punya informed me she`s running this site.
If you are in the mood or the weather is not very well
then this is something worth to spend some time on it.
One can see her web skills …

Osho Rebelliousspirit

Rebellious Spirit .com is a web site for Osho sannyasins
and everybody interested in meditation techniques created by enlightened mystic Osho.
Visit all parts of our web site, using navigation of the main menu.