We sometimes cannot find you at Google ?

This is a mystery to myself
and I have no idea whats it all about.

Usually you`ll find my music site quickly and easily
by typing “Omkar” on the Google search engine.

But sometimes it seems the site disappears from Google
(and I receive mails about it),
just to come back again after a while.

I suggest to bookmark the omkarmusic site
and you`ll be good to go.

If you are an expert due to this Google issue,
feel free to explain and I`ll drop your statement here.

Some strange disfunctions on your site ?

Yes and No ….

Yes if you have javascript disabled
and no if you have javascript enabled.

Yes if you have flash disabled
and no if you have flash enabled.

I tried whenever possible to avoid javascript and flash at all,
but presenting multimedia events like music sometimes do need
some additionals like javascript or flash on websites.

I.e. if you have flash disabled/uninstalled,
mp3 players dissapear
and visitors wonder what I am talking about
when describing a song or track.

So, please enable them …
there is no harm on any script
and you can enjoy all is present here.